PRODUCT One of my favorite products would definitely be the Oribe Supershine Moisturizing cream  .. this product serves many purposes and keeps your routine simple. This product acts as a leave-in for moisture, a heat protectant for any heat styling, and also smoothes out any flyaways for those who don’t wash their hair everyday. Another product at the top of my list would be the Oribe Mystify Spray. This is for all my curly haired folks who style their hair daily. This product is a spray that reactivates the moisture in your hair in order to give you the ability to restyle your hair for those who don’t wash their hair everyday! Not to mention, it’s also acts as a heat protectant AND gives you shine!

EXPERTISE I love all things hair, but something that speaks to me a little bit more of passion into my career would be COLOR. I love how customizable the service can be for each individual. I am all about bright VIVIDS or anything LIVED IN. The focus I have for my guests is what’s complimentary for them as well as realistic expectations!


INSPIRATION Inspiration comes from all forms but my city is what really inspires me the most. The life and individuality that is present is what drives me to be more creative. Each guest I have in my chair is always a learning experience, and knowing how I can elevate it.

IG: @tom2dohair