fall 2o18 trends

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

If you live in Chicago, you’ve come to know that whatever the current weather, we’re all wishing for its opposite. In summer it’s moist and in winter it’s...so long? I’m all about trying to embrace the current state of things, though, because not only did I read something like the "Buddhism Guide for Dummies" my freshman year of college but also because I AM NOT MOTHER NATURE. This month however, Starbucks unleashed it's Pumpkin Spice fury upon the masses and that is confirmation enough for all of us at Solo that Fall is officially here. A little too sugary for my taste, I judge no one for their affinity for the sweeter things in life, but there are a couple other Fall trends I stand diametrically opposed: Uggs? If you’re uggin’ you’re straight buggin’. Leggings as pants? I see London, I see France, I also see your underpants and like, if you wanted people to see you in your underpants, do it on your Instagram story like everybody else!

The team at Solo are big believers in having fashion confidence. Everything pairs well when you've got your eyes on the skies, so let’s get brave and get fitted for some Fall 2018 trends!


All over animal prints is the way to go this Fall. Forget accents. Think BIG picture, HUGE (btw, go vote on November 6th). If you’re doing a leopard print top, do a zebra print bottom. Or do a snake print bottom. Or do an alligator bag of the faux variety. Am I trying to push my “animals have feelings” agenda? Yes. But I’m also here to give you great style tips, okay? To ease into the trend I suggest going with a cheetah print scrunchie to wear as a daily bracelet/upper arm band/hair tie. I know I said, “think big,” and a scrunchie is characteristically small, but if you wear it every day, that’s a big commitment! I would also recommend mixing animal prints with the still happening street wear trend. Think Bam Bam meets Brooklyn but Bam Bam with shoes because I can't promote anyone trying to fair a Chicago winter in bare feet.



True, Red has been having a moment lately, but this season Pink is playing to win! This trend, in conjunction with animal prints, is leading me to think the Fashion Gods want us all to change our weekend plans to star in an Aerosmith music video, and on behalf of Solo I will tell you we are always here for a music video fashion moment! While some on the Solo team thought the seventies would be making a comeback for Fall, we're discovering along with you that everything is taking a totally eighties turn. Oh yeah, and that the nineties are officially here to stay<3

If you took a deep dive into last year's red trend and are still living for your red shoes, jackets, shirts, and pants (I know I dug myself into a deep red hole), why not translate the pink to your tresses? A GOOD pink hair moment is never a bad thing. And obviously there isn't a better place get your good, good pink hair than Solo. It can be as temporary as your summer hookup or as long lasting as your crush on Bradley Cooper (how excited are we for “A Star is Born”), but whatever your call, it will definitely be something to Instagram about!


This fall, the fashion leaders are wanting us to show up and show off. For those of you that love to dress up or used to love to play dress up, this is your time! However, balance is key. If you show up to the office in a sequined gown with strappy stilettos, don’t tell your boss that Solo sent you! If you’re bold enough to go for a sequined dress, make sure to dress it down with a denim jacket on top or t-shirt underneath.

I also love the idea of pairing sparklies (shmancy earrings) with a grunge look: Rock-T, Dr Martens, and some statement chandelier door-knockers, ya feel me?! A great hairstyle to pair with your statement pieces is an understated sleek pony; middle part, side part, or straight back…keep it low key and let this trend shine!

While it's absolutely necessary to reach for your timeless chunky sweaters on occasion, Solo wants to challenge you to tryout some of these more out-of-the-box looks this Fall! For the Solo Team, having great personal style means pushing the envelope either wide open or just enough depending on the occasion. These rebellious fall trends are definitely putting the pressure on to be a bit wild, and if in Solo you trust, we say ROCK ON.