About Our Beauty School in Chicago, IL

Prior to opening Solo Salon’s doors, Kristine had a vision to build a beauty school in Chicago, IL. She hired like-minded creative people who could thrive on innovation, warmth, and style.

When those dreams came to fruition and Kristine opened the doors to Solo Salon, she and her husband Michael made a vow to stay true to the meaning behind Solo:

Everyone is unique. 

Everyone is their own solo artist.

Solo Salon’s team is inspired by this vision and they love what they do because of the people who trust them. At Solo we take our time to find and coach the best artists who are dedicated to their craft and always willing to grow.  We are authentic, we try our best, we are committed to education and vision is a must-have that comes from within.   

Everyone can dance to their own song, sometimes they just need to find the right dance partner. 

frontdesk@solo-salon.com // 114 North Elizabeth St. // 1134 W. Washington Blvd. //  Chicago, IL 60607